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Today, we have exciting news for all the avid adventurers of the high seas in the Kingdom of Pirates! TIMRIM is thrilled to present to you the most up-to-date Kingdom of Pirates giftcode list. Whether you’re a seasoned pirate captain or just setting sail on your maiden voyage, these giftcodes are your golden ticket to unlocking treasures and power-ups in this thrilling game.

So, why wait? Grab your cutlass, hoist the Jolly Roger, and embark on an epic journey in the Kingdom of Pirates with the latest giftcodes. Your quest for riches and glory begins now!

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How to Redeem a Gift Code in Kingdom of Pirates:

Step 1: Choose Kingdom of Pirates as your game of choice to receive a gift code.

Step 2: Show your support by liking and sharing the game using the buttons below. Afterward, access the gift code input section in Kingdom of Pirates.

Step 3: Input the most recent Kingdom of Pirates gift code. Please note that each account can only use a gift code once.

Game Introduction Kingdom of Pirates

Ahoy, mateys! The high seas are calling, and it’s time to set sail for adventure once again in Kingdom of Pirates. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the game is receiving a heartwarming update that promises to make your pirate journey even more thrilling. In this 4000-word article, we’ll dive deep into the latest additions, explore the core features of the game, and take a closer look at the three captivating storylines that await you. So, hoist the Jolly Roger and prepare for a treasure trove of information!

Updates for Valentine’s Day

As any seasoned pirate knows, no celebration is complete without a treasure trove of updates. The Valentine’s Day update for Kingdom of Pirates brings forth a bounty of new content to enrich your gaming experience. Here’s what you can expect:

New Appearances: Set the mood for love on your pirate island with enchanting Valentine’s Day decorations. And that’s not all! Deck out your Maidens in romantic Valentine’s Day outfits that will surely steal your heart.

Valentine’s Day Events: Love is in the salty sea air with a trio of Valentine’s Day events. Dive into the festivities with the Valentine’s Day Party, where surprises and rewards await you. Satisfy your sweet tooth in the Cake Craze event and indulge in the delectable Valentine’s Day Cake event for even more abundant rewards. It’s a celebration fit for a pirate king or queen!

Features Fit for a Pirate Captain

Kingdom of Pirates offers a swashbuckling experience that spans across the ages, from the Viking era to the Age of Discovery. Here are the game’s standout features:

Collect Pirates: Assemble a crew of legendary pirates from history and lore. From notorious scallywags to heroic buccaneers, the choice is yours. Each pirate comes with unique abilities and traits, allowing you to create the ultimate crew to dominate the seas.

Build Fleets: Craft and command formidable fleets of ships, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Customize your fleet to suit your strategic playstyle and become a force to be reckoned with on the open waters.

Choose Your Story: Embark on your pirate odyssey by selecting one of three captivating storylines. Will you unleash the fury of the Vikings, conquer the Caribbean as a pirate lord, or reclaim pirate glory in the Middle East? The choice is yours, and your destiny awaits.

Recruit Fellow Pirates: Pirate life is better with companions by your side. Recruit fellow pirates to join your crew and level them up to unlock their full potential. Teamwork is essential for survival in the treacherous world of Kingdom of Pirates.

Encounter Beauties: The high seas are teeming with captivating beauties from around the world. Forge alliances, form relationships, and unlock their unique abilities to enhance your pirate empire.

Raise Descendants: Train and nurture your pirate descendants to ensure your legacy lives on. As worthy successors, they will carry on your legacy and contribute to the strength of your pirate empire.

Grow Your Pets: Pirates need companions too! Raise and evolve your pets to bolster your strength in battles. These loyal companions will stand by your side as you face the challenges of the open sea.

Explore the Seas: Embark on epic voyages across the vast seas. Along the way, you’ll encounter a series of random events that can alter the course of your journey. Conquer outposts to unlock new routes and expand your pirate dominion.

Mini-Games and Rewards: Kingdom of Pirates offers a treasure trove of mini-games and rewards to keep you entertained. Whether you’re engaging in ship battles, solving puzzles, or participating in challenges, there’s always something fun to do.

Three Storylines to Choose From

Now, let’s dive deeper into the three captivating storylines that Kingdom of Pirates offers:

Viking – The Roaring of Vikings: Transport yourself 700 years back in time to an era of fearless Viking warriors. Show the pirates of this age the unmatched bravery of the invincible Vikings. Pillage, plunder, and conquer as you prove that Vikings reign supreme on the high seas.

Caribbean – Blood Sail: In this thrilling storyline, your goal is to defeat your archenemy, the infamous Blackbeard, and establish your rule over the Caribbean Sea. Battle through treacherous waters, face off against rival pirate crews, and uncover the mysteries of the Caribbean as you strive for pirate supremacy.

Middle East – Reclaiming Glory: Take on a unique challenge as you fight against the mighty western powers and embark on a quest to reclaim the glory of pirates in the Middle East. Navigate the political intricacies of the region, form alliances, and carve out your pirate empire in uncharted waters.


In Kingdom of Pirates, Valentine’s Day brings more than just romantic adventures—it brings a slew of exciting updates, events, and opportunities for pirate glory. With its rich features, diverse storylines, and endless possibilities, this game promises to keep you hooked on the high seas for countless hours of swashbuckling fun. So, rally your crew, raise the Jolly Roger, and set sail for a pirate adventure like no other. The Kingdom of Pirates awaits your conquest!

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