The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3 Codes

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Today, we’re excited to unveil the latest giftcode list for The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3, brought to you by TIMRIM. If you’re a fan of this enchanting match-3 game, you’re in for a treat! These giftcodes are your ticket to unlocking a world of magical adventures in The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and discover how these codes can help you race to the top of the game!

Compilation list of giftcode games The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3

  • 947392d
  • 428a6261
  • 542ba2f1
  • 313dfcb
  • 420c4d47
  • 10c4bc53
  • 7b609118

Compilation of the latest game code of The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3

  • 237152ce
  • 2bc078c8
  • 7e573884
  • 4c38fa93
  • 224f72b2
  • 31b8448
  • 4a9bdcae

Fan page event game code The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3

  • 59f7987d
  • 53a66493
  • 52c060f5
  • 4a8e8042
  • 4534a1cf
  • 13e455c2
  • 68e901ad

How to receive game giftcode The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3

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Step 2: Chart Your Course to Riches – Like, Share, and Access Your Giftcode

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Step 3: Claim Your Treasure – Enter the Latest Kingdom of Pirates Giftcode

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Game Introduction The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3

“The Wizard of Oz Magic Match 3” is a captivating and magical puzzle adventure game that takes players on an unforgettable journey down THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD™. In this enchanting game, you’ll have the opportunity to meet beloved characters like DOROTHY™, the SCARECROW™, the TIN MAN™, and the COWARDLY LION™, and explore the mystical world of Oz. Join us as we delve into the mesmerizing features and gameplay of this delightful mobile game.

Embark on a Magical Adventure:

The Wizard of Oz: Magic Match is all about matching 3 or more gems in a whimsical world inspired by the iconic Wizard of Oz movie. As you progress through the game, you’ll follow the Yellow Brick Road through a series of exciting levels, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles. The game’s engaging mechanics keep you hooked as you try to match gems faster with the help of bonuses and power-ups from GLINDA THE GOOD WITCH™.

Unleash the Magic:

What sets this game apart is the use of iconic items from the movie, such as Dorothy’s RUBY SLIPPERS™, Munchkin Lollipops, and the Tin Man’s Axe, which can be used to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Additionally, dropping Medallions of your favorite movie characters to the bottom of the board will summon them to provide valuable assistance on your current level. It’s a magical experience that truly captures the essence of The Wizard of Oz.

Immerse Yourself in the Oz Storybook:

One of the unique aspects of this game is the Oz Storybook. Players can play an infinite level to collect story points, which are used to complete pages in the storybook. These pages lead to adventures with your favorite characters and offer magical rewards as you progress. It’s an enchanting way to dive deeper into the world of Oz.

The Munchkin Prize Parade:

For those seeking an extra challenge, the Munchkin Prize Parade offers an exciting opportunity. Players can string together wins without losing to build a winning streak. Earning enough consecutive victories unlocks magical prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Magic Keys and Gem Bazaar:

To prove your mastery of the game, you can earn extra rewards by beating levels on the first try. These rewards include Magic Keys that unlock mystery boxes, revealing characters and granting you a Big Prize. You can also trade gems you’ve earned for fun rewards at the Gem Bazaar, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Upgrade Your Items:

The game encourages strategic thinking by allowing you to trade in extra items earned during match play for Emerald Points. These points can be used to climb the Emerald City Challenge leaderboard, where you can compete with other players for glory and recognition.

Battle Against the Wicked Witch:

As you progress through the game, you’ll face the ultimate challenge: the WICKED WITCH OF THE WEST™. Engage in turn-based matching combat as you try to outsmart and outmatch the Wicked Witch on your way to meet The Wizard of Oz. The fantasy truly comes to life in these epic battles.

Explore a Magical World:

From Munchkinland to the Haunted Forest, each new region you unlock brings fresh adventures and your favorite beloved characters. The game’s enchanting locations capture the spirit of the original story, making it a must-play for fans of The Wizard of Oz.

Connect with Friends:

“The Wizard of Oz: Magic Match” also offers a social element, allowing you to adventure with friends from Facebook. You can share gifts as you progress through the game, enhancing the sense of community and competition.


“The Wizard of Oz: Magic Match 3” is a delightful mobile game that immerses players in the enchanting world of Oz. With its engaging gameplay, iconic characters, and a wide array of features and challenges, it’s a must-play for fans of the classic movie. Download the game today and relive the magic of The Land of Oz. Join us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the latest content, newest levels, exciting contests, and more. The adventure awaits!

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